Looking for RAID leader 10/27 8:30pm Central

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Looking for RAID leader 10/27 8:30pm Central


I've been through the VoG once and I'd like to run it again with someone who know what they are doing and is older than 13.  I was a pickup in a group of 4 teenagers and one other dude who knew his way through the VoG.  He just told us what to do and we mostly blwe through it.  The teens did spend a good amount of time waiting for this old guy to figure out how to jump/glide on the way to the last maze.  They revived me about 20 times on that damn ledge.

I'd like to get a goup of 2o2p'ers for Monday night and I've got a buddy from work who has never done the raid that would like to tag along as well.

Any guides out there?

I can run as Worlock, Titan or Hunter (all Lvl 27 or 28) with maxed legendary weapons and Ice Breaker or that damn fusion rifle.


Hit me up on XBL, I can't get enough Destiny.


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