Forza 6 "All Cars" Photography Project

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Forza 6 "All Cars" Photography Project

I posted this on the 2Old4Forza Facebook page, but in case there are members who don't use Facebook...

Turn 10 has started a Forza Community project to photograph all the Forza 6 cars for their website. They're asking the community to submit up to three photos in the linked forum thread as your audition. The cars must be bone stock with factory colors and the photos must not be photoshopped.

If you're selected you'll receive a PM from HeliosT10 with a link to a car list where you'll be able to pick five cars that haven't been photographed yet.  You'll receive credit for the photos you submit for T10's site.

Last time I checked there were a little over 150 cars left to be selected.  Most of the high profile cars are taken but there are a few gems left, IMO.

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