Food for Halo 4 Thought, when times seem tough

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Food for Halo 4 Thought, when times seem tough

Hey, he's not my best buddy or anything but he does have some good words of wisdom from time to time.

Louis Wu (HBO) 4.8.12

On a totally different subject:

Originally Posted by gamer1: View Post
Fact of the matter is, we got burned by Reach. Badly. So badly that it's hard to accept almost all change.
Originally Posted by gamer1: View Post
Compared to other Halos, I think it's weaker, but compared to pretty much every other non-halo shooter, it's the best. When everything works correctly, it's brilliant.

These two comments were posted by the same person, about the same game, 25 minutes apart.

When your hyperbole gets this absurd, I can't listen to what you're saying any more. If you want to discuss something intelligently... USE REASONABLE WORDS.


Originally Posted by gamer2: View Post
Halo is so good that even at its worse, it's among the best console FPSs out there. That doesn't mean we shouldn't want the game to be at its best.

No, absolutely, you SHOULD want the game to be its best. (Even if what YOU think is its best is not what I think is its best.)

But you can't really expect people to engage you in a discussion about that if all of your comments boil down to "IT SUCKS!" and "IT'S FANTASTIC!" (look at those two quotes again) in nearly the same breath.

A lot of people on GAF dislike armor abilities. I get that. And they're disappointed that 343 would ignore their unhappiness and bring those armor abilities back for the next game. I get that, too. (They're disregarding the fact that this community is NOT the bulk of 343's market, but that's fine - almost all sub-communities do that.) What bothers me is that 343 has said, over and over and over again, that they've heard the complaints and concerns, and developed a game that addresses some of these - but the majority of posters are ignoring that and jumping to conclusions because they simply cannot imagine HOW someone could include armor abilities that they might live with.

And I fully agree that when all is said and done, and the game comes out, we MIGHT find that what we get is exactly what the complainers have been worried about. At THAT point, they'd have every right in the world to bitch and scream and vote with their wallets, and find another game to play. But who knows? Maybe they'll find something they actually like!

We're a bit over half a year from release. We're past the point where major features can be added or removed - things you're worried about are either IN THE GAME, or NOT IN THE GAME. (Hmm. I could be wrong about that, I guess. I don't think so, though.) All this yelling about 'preorder cancelled' and 'I'm never buying another 343 product again' is absurd - until you actually know what you're talking about. :(

That's all I was saying.


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