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#1 Tue, 06/30/2015 - 08:49
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Drive Club PS+ edition

Saw Drive Club was available for PS+ last night so I started the download and let it run over night. Tried it out a little before work and man was I disapointed. I thought they were trying to be a little sim like, not full arcade racer. You fire the game up and it throws you righ tinto a race in a Mercades Benz AMG. I was able to get 5th place out of 12. Did another race in another race in a Mercades hatchback this time and was only able to get 10th place. The AI drive pretty much flawless around the track, cars slid really easily. This is due to getting extra points for "drifting". I was hoping this would give me a decent racer to play since I miss Forza so much after jumping from Xbone to PS4, but this is not the game to even attempt to fill any of that void in. Guess I'll just have to steal my 360 back from the kids when I want to play a racing game.

I'm sure if you enjoy Grid, you'll like this game, but that game I couldn't even make it past the demo.

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