Console Server maintenance Mon 1/28/13 2200 PST - no more US South servers

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Console Server maintenance Mon 1/28/13 2200 PST - no more US South servers

per battlelog:

On January 28/29, we are migrating our Battlefield 3 console servers to optimize our online service. If you’re a regular Battlefield 3 player, this will have no impact except for some downtime during maintenance. Read on for the full details.

8 hour server maintenance starts:
January 28th 22:00 PST (Click link for start and end times where you live)
Our Battlefield 3 console server migration will start at this time. Online gameplay will not be available on consoles during this operation. We will message once servers are starting to spin back up.

Read this if renting a console server in the “South US” region
For the large majority of players renting a Battlefield 3 server, our server migration is a completely transparent operation except for the planned maintenance. If you are currently renting a console server in the “South US” region, the following applies:

* Your current lease period will run its full course with no change whatsoever

* After the server migration you will not be able to extend your current lease or start a new lease in the “South US” region – we recommend that you use the “East US” or “West US” region instead


so EA is eliminating the US South Console servers once all the South server rentals expire.

Screws the US South players and both US East and West servers get to enjoy extra lag from all the Central and South American players with crappy internet joining East and West servers.

WTF is EA doing with all the money they got from people renting servers and buying Premium?

you would think they could ADD more BF3 servers,  not CUT them Back!


Looks like it was just the US Rental servers, there still appears to be EA run South servers

but who knows for how long.






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