Blops 2 Spawns (PC Version)

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#1 Wed, 03/27/2013 - 01:01
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Blops 2 Spawns (PC Version)

I know I know,  this is surely an issue that has already been spam loaded onto nearly every gaming forum online... But I'd like to know from members HERE that are probably a bit more in the know than I am, if any statements have been made on the subject of fixing the spawn issues.  I'm not die hard into blops 2, but its a good default game for me, but consistantly spawning into streams of bullets is enough to make me shut it right back down sometimes. 

The other question I have for the memebers here is regaurding the DLC, we went to download it the other night because the maps sound pretty legit, but noticed less than 200 players in the DLC playlist when over 11k were online total!  What gives there?


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