Battlefield 4 Platoon: Diehard Mercenaries [Xbox 360]

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#1 Mon, 04/21/2014 - 23:51
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Battlefield 4 Platoon: Diehard Mercenaries [Xbox 360]

So I realize that not a lot of people around here are playing Battlefield 4, and even less are doing it on the 360, but all the more reason to spread the word that I've just started a Platoon tonight for adults playing BF4 on the 360. Here's them details:


[DHRD] Diehard Mercenaries

Adult-only platoon for gamers who use comms, work together, and try to get along. Bonus points if you make CHa0s laugh.

Play to win, and have fun doing it!

This platoon is for mercenaries: no guarantees how long it will be up, but while I fight by your side, I will fight to have your back.


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