Agent of the Nine - Buying Exotics

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Agent of the Nine - Buying Exotics

Well hello everyone! Taking a short break before bed to post some info here.

There's a NPC that's in the Tower from Friday to Sunday every week named Xur, Agent of the Nine. (Video Explanation: ) Basically, those Strange Coins you've randomly been getting? This is where they come in! Each week, he comes with a different armor item, one for each class. As well as a weapon, and an exotic engram guaranteed to be for your class. The exotic engram costs 23 motes of light. The rest of his inventory costs Strange Coins. It's 13 for armor and 23 for weapons. I was able to pick up the exotic Hunter helmet and that put me up to Level 25 total with light. 

He's stationed directly to the Left of the Crucible Quartermaster. Go give him a visit, drool a little over what he has, and start saving those coins!

Btw, I've been running a ton of Level 22 strikes, pvp and looking forward to doing level 24 with a full group. Feel free to add me if you want to run anything people :D I roll with my brother a lot so always feel free to send me a pm. See you in game!


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