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Greeting good people.

This is just a heads up for those folk who don't know or maybe have forgotten. There is a corner of this site dedicated to PC Racing called 2o2Race It was started by folk from here a couple of years ago. As one of the founder members I have been thinking about shutting it down as there seemed to be precious few folk interested in PC racing.

Now having seen an increasing amount of posts here on the subject I thought I would just drop by and say...well, we are here.

We are not about running series, it was tried but low turn outs and people lives getting in the way added to everyone using different sims meant it kinda tailed off. So what 2O2R is, is a place for folk to chat about, get info about PC racing. What your doing, what your running etc. Hints, tips and help on the various sims is avaliable, we have members who are quite knowlagable and a couple of internal testers who coulod drop the odd hint on stuff in the pipeline. If some members get together for a race...all well and good.

So there you are. If you want to drop by and keep us alive, I would apreciate it.

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