[FM4] 2o4f Mon & Wed Track night - Novice-Pro

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[FM4] 2o4f Mon & Wed Track night - Novice-Pro

This Monday Wednesday Track night was started to help get a feel for new cars, tracks, and members.  All skill levels are encouraged to participate.  I will at random award prizes.  Prizes could range from credits, to one off LE designs, and tunes.  This is the place to dip your feet in the water and get a feel for our community.  Please either send a FR to my main GT anthonyjkiller, or my alternate GT Decepticon Unit.  If you are in the 2o4c club you will automatically get an invite every track night.  Please see the following link for track schedules and general discussion.  Please note that if you have a request for a track feel free submit it in the Discussion thread. 


Invites are sent out @ 4:45 pm CST.  Racing starts promptly @ 5 pm CST.


Once I start working overtime this spring these start times will change to the following:


Invites will be sent out @ 5:45 pm CST.  Racing will start promptly @ 6pm CST.


I will let everyone know via the track schedule when this change will take place.  You can view the track scedule and discuss here:            http://2old2play.com/forum/group-forums/2old4forza/2o4f-mon-wed-night-track-night-hosted-anthonyjkiller


See you on the track!!!!! cool



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