Defiance dlc finally announced for August 20th

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#1 Tue, 08/13/2013 - 12:57
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Defiance dlc finally announced for August 20th

Since Defiance seems to be spread out here on the site I'm posting this in a few different forums to make sure people know, sorry for any inconvience it may cause. I can't wait for this DLC, and have been eagerly waiting..The Community Manager for Defiance has just posted this:

Hey guys,

Good news! We’ve gotten the final thumbs up from all necessary parties and are happy to announce that our first DLC, the Castithan Charge Pack, will be coming to PC, 360, and PS3 on August 20th (PS3 in Europe will be out on August 21st.)

Thanks again for your patience.

Here's our teaser trailer for your viewing pleasure, too!

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