Comments on enemy AI in Borderlands 2

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Comments on enemy AI in Borderlands 2

Well, at least the AI programming behind each enemy in Borderlands 2 is smarter than anything in the first Borderlands – the baddies themselves are victims of the rancid planet Pandora and probably wouldn't pass a first-grade spelling test. They will, however, blow your brains out.

Jasper Foreman, lead AI programmer at Gearbox Software, sat down with us (on the floor in a hallway of the Hard Rock Hotel, right outside of San Diego Comic-Con central), to describe a handful of enemies we can expect to see in the new Borderlands and the tech that makes them smarter than ever.

There are 15-20 separate enemies in Borderlands 2, but each type has numerous variants, bringing the total number of foes somewhere between 200-300. Foreman once tried to count them all by running a script, but with the complex descriptors composing each enemy, it was impossible to locate every one. Suffice it to say, there are a lot.



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