Help make it a Movember to Remember


Shared on Fri, 10/26/2012 - 09:31

So as some of you may already now I will be participating in Movember with some friends and family. 

So this is the message where typically I would beg an plead for your hard earn cash, while this is somewhat true, this time there is a tw


The first 3 people with a donation of $30 or more will have the opportunity to pick the style of my Mo for a week (2nd, 3rd and 4th week...I need a one week buffer :) ). With this donation will also come a photo of said Mo to be displayed publicly for you (and others) to enjoy. So hurry up and make that donation...

While the whole process is a lot of fun it is also very real. We are doing this for a man in our lives who, in all seriousness, does not have much time left with us. So I am reaching out to all of you for a donation knowing that it will not do anything to save him but it will go a long way to hopefully preventing my grandkids from raising money in honour of their grandfather.

So if you would like to help you can make a donation to our team, Cito's Staches, using the link below. Feel free to join the squad as well!



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