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Shared on Sun, 04/01/2007 - 21:23
Well it has been a hell of a week. I finally have finished moving to my new place. What an ordeal it was. We had rented a U-Haul for 7am but we didnt end up getting a truck until after 9am. When we finally get the truck loaded and arrive at the new place the service elevator was out of order and there was only the one elevator in the lobby to we were not allowed to put the elevator on service since other residents would need to use it. It took about 3 hours to unload the first load and then we had to rush back and pick up the last bunch of stuff and get it unloaded in about 1 hour to so we could have the truck back to avoid any extra charges Uhaul. Anyways the whole day was just to stressful (but what move isn't). Today we spent the day unpacking and getting most of the stuff and getting it all set up. I am just so glad it is over!


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Submitted by CrypticCat on Sun, 04/01/2007 - 21:36
I know how it is. Due to being an old soldier, I never had much stuff to caal my own, so most of my moves involved putting some knick-knacks in an army jeep and move house. Not having much stuff grew on me, though. My coming move, when the corporation finally has a house available to me, will prolly be a matter of three hours brining all (yeah right) my stuff to my new place. Anyway, all the best in your new home!
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Submitted by Devonsangel on Mon, 04/02/2007 - 06:21
Moving sucks, especially the unpacking.

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