PAX East in Pictures 2018

My 9th year at PAX East! Spent the weekend checking out some great stuff. Here’s a quick photo run down while I work on some write-ups of games and panels.

Like all good games PAX of course has a ruleset

Press Credentials Unlocked!

Ready to get this show started and umm, actually its FOUR days this year…

This year a lot of the big booths that used to house AAA developers/publishers were game adjacent companies like Facebook, Discord, Twitch, and Amazon




Instagram heaven maybe?

Pirates love cookies?!

Why download your games when you can instead get them out of a vending machine?!





It still feels weird to see mature titles on Nintendo systems even though it's been a few generations of their consoles…

I somehow had enough restraint not to purchase all of them

I feel like these would get more use if they were converted to charging stations…


I don’t even remember what game this was but I definitely want to play as Apunaut!


Enforcers cage match?

Are those coconuts direct from flavor town?



I think this was an actual scene in FFXV

Mario and Peach need a tech break

They upped the gamer grub this year. Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to actually try the Kool-aid pickles. Not cuz THEY grossed me out, but because I was grossed out by the jar not having a lid.



Nerd food and random street yogurt

Cookie Brigade HQ!

Pinball @ PAX


VR or Mime Simulator?


That’s a wrap! Moar badges for the convention collection!


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