E3 2019 Xbox Press Conference


It's here! It's the time of year we as gamers wait for! Although EA had theirs last night I was away camping and thought we are still pretty pissed at EA (and BioWare) for Anthem so I gave it a pass. Also I am still choked at the lack of campaign in the Battlefront games so EA is pretty much dead to me...except for NHL19.

Anyway, the conference is about to begin so hold onto your butts while I try to live blog from the comfort of Chez Soup!
The regular montage to start us off and now Ninja Theory take the stage. The have a technical alpha kicking off in a couple weeks for Bleeding edge.
Kinda borderlands sstyle but 4v4 Online combat.Look for the texh alpha on June 27th.

Another trailer...looks spooky...oh it's Ori and the will oof the wisps. Gross massive spider...I hate spiders...Ori will blow your way February 11th, 2020.

Oh a new game from Mojang. Looks very minecrafty but RPG Now this I could get into. Spring 2020 we can expect 4-player local and online co-op fro Minecraft Dungeons.

Phil Spencer takes the stage to thunderous applause.Phil is welcoming everyone to E3 2019 and calls right now the mist creative and energizing time in gaming history. More games, more creators and more industry players servicing over 2 billion players worldwide.

Sounds like we are going to see some cross play announcements. Highlighting 60 games, with 14 games from Xbox Studios and 30 games premiering on Xbox Game Pass, we'll also hear about the next console!

OH MY GOD look at that AT-AT! November!!! OH MY GOD this looks good! Jedi:Fallen Order...so much awesome!

Dog, missing boy, forest, creepy images on a video cam...such spooky....Blair witch the game??? Ok..

CD Project Red is up with what has t be Cyberpunk. Damn this game looks good. KEANU REEVES!!!!
April 16th, 2020 is when we can get our hands on Cyberpunk 2077

Mrs-soup came down and saw the trailer for Spiritfater and was like.."oh this looks cool!"
Next up is some Battle Toads! With 3(?) player couch co-op.

Next we have a montage for ID @ Xbox games. If you have game pass they will all be launching there and if you don't have game pass what is wrong with you? It is seriously the best deala dn its like way back in the day when you could rent games from Blockbuster.

The Xbox Game Pass starts on PC today with over 100 games including the entire Master Chief collection starting with Halo Reach! Open Beta starts today! For Game Pass Ultimate you get Game Pass on PC, Xbox Live and Game Pass on console for only $15 a month!

Wait is this a new Flight Simulator?!?!??!? YES!!!!! God I sucked at that but I loved playing so much!

Age of Empires II definitive edition is being remastered like the first one and ready to release this fall. But remember the first one they held back a few months so hopefully that wont happen to the sequel.

Wasteland 3 has a trailer and now Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios hits the stage. Matt says "great games from great developers and joining Xbox Studios is Double Fine!" WHAAAAAA?!?!?!?
Its Tim Shafer annnnd Physconauts 2!

Another star wars game? Another Lego Star Wars Game? Nine films - One game - The Skywalker saga coming in 2020.

Looks like Dragon Ball Z is up next and it looks like an early 2020 release.

The nnext trailer starts as an interactive thiriller and the title is 12 minutes. Looks cool.

Nest is a game by anthonty tan called way to the woods. I guess you play as deer with glowing antlers and try to find your way home? Coming 2020

Oh looks like a Gears trailer and it wasn't much but still gave me chills. Next on the stage is Rod Ferguson. Releases September 10th or on the 5th for game pass ultimate. More info dropping over summer but today is a brand new way to fight the swarm. There us a lot of smoke and firewarks on the stage and now the trailer....Its called Escape. a player co-op experience.

New elite controller time! Good as mine broke and started drifting but damn I loved it. I think I need to sell some blood to preorder that bad boy!

As is now tradition..new forza game and a ar n the stage but we have legos iin my forza? Man this trailer brings a huge smile to my face. Man that is the Lego McLaren Senna! that is crazy. Lego Speed Champions expansion for Forza Horizon 4 launches June 12th!

I dont know how I feel about POP! Gears or gears POP! on Mobile. Maybe worth a shot but yeah...not sold on it.

State of Decay 2 launches a new expansion called Heartland and its available now!

Wait what is this? Could it be? Cross play ad free to play?It is! Phantasy Star Online 2!

I am not sure what Crossfire X is but its coming to console in 202

Next is a Namco Bandai  world premier game...Tales of Arise um arises 2020 sometime. 

And now we have Lillith from Borderlands and oh man I can't wait to jump back into that universe! NOOOOOO STAIRS! Poor Claptrap...

A new world created by Hydekai Myazaki (totaally spelled it wrong) and G.R.R Martin. This looks interesting. Its called Elden Ring and no dates but on Xbox.

Phil is taking the stage again. They went through 60! games so far and now they want to empower everyone to play everywhere. Project X Cloud and console streaming. Console streaming turns your console into your own streaming console. Coming in October you decide to use MS console in X Cloud or yours. Now the next console! Optimized for gaming the same team on Project Scorpio and all the others were ona mission to create the gaming future.

PC, console and mobile come together to allow it to be easier to get in and stay in. The hate is real for load times. 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X?!?!?! frame rates of up to 120, 8k capability, SSD. 40 times performance over the current Xbox One. Its called Project Scarlet at this time. Holiday 2020!

Here is the HALO!! Next Holiday Project Scarlet will launch with Halo!  Go watch the trailer for yourself.....
Thats it folks!


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