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Now that I can talk about it, one of the exciting betas that I've been involved with lately is the Brink Bionics Impulse. These guys have absolutely taken shaving reaction time to the next level. If you want to get involved, here's more info:



Can’t compete with the teenagers dominating your favorite games? It’s time to level the playing field with Brink Bionics Impulse.

Impulse is a cybernetic enhancement for PC gamers that enhances your reaction time. Impulse interfaces with your peripheral nervous system to read your movement intentions and enhance your reaction time for mouse click actions. Find more information here:

The demo video below demonstrates the advantage that Impulse can provide. Impulse helped this user shoot up to 60-milliseconds faster, compared to their speed with a computer mouse!

Want to keep up to date on our Beta testing and development?

We are looking for passionate gamers to provide feedback on Impulse. We also want to hear from you about your interest/needs as a gamer through our Discord server: 

If you’re interested in being one of the first Impulse Beta users, we are looking for 25 PC gamers to participate in our closed Beta testing. To be eligible, please join our discord server at the provided link above.


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