Still Got Game Ep. 442: One Down And One To Go

Still Got Game, Episode 442, 2old2play's official vid/podcast, has been posted and is ready for your viewing or listening pleasure. Read on for more information.

DSmooth, Hitman, and Yountdog are back for a new episode. The audio for the episode had to be pulled from the video, so they apologize for the quality. They cover the new releases, top gaming stories of the week, and handle listener/viewer feedback. This episode was recorded after the disastrous PS5 preorder on the night before the Xbox Series X one. You can imagine the discussion are a blast. Great show guys! You can always call the gang at (773) 527-2961 and weigh in yourself, or tune in live Monday nights at 8:00 EDT at ...

Don't forget to play along while you listen. Here's a link to The Official Still Got Game Drinking Game.

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