2old2play Presents Version 4

It's been 2 weeks since the soft launch of Version 4 hit without to many issues.  Since the dust is starting to clear I felt like it was time to create a video to go through some of the new features with Version 4 as well as some of the future changes coming down the pipe line.  

For long time members you may want to skip past some of the stuff you already know and head to the half way point, but if you bare the long winded vid (nearly 40min of your life) there are some tid bits that might be worth your while.  As always I'd really love to hear some feed back from everyone and continue this discussion on the forums.  

Our goal with Version 4 is to hopefuly make the site easier to use on all platforms, while inticing new members to join and find their place at 2o2p.  Did we hit the mark this time?  I guess time will tell.  Either way thanks to everyone that has remained a part of this community for the decade plus that its been around.  Its been a joy to build and I hope a new legion of older gamers gets the chance to experience all we've created here.  Welcome to version 4.

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