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So true



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Look sir, Google....



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Role Playing



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February 2012

2 month's into 2012 already.  I have a few updates on whats goin on in The Sick One's life.  First off, I had some severe back pain that started about 4 months ago, so I went to the doctor to get checked out.  And after 2 Chiropractic visits, a full physical, and an MRI....turns out I have a degenerative lower disk, and 2 bone spurs, which cause constant pain in my lower back, and down the inside of my left leg.  Since then I have gotten 2 spinal injections,  the first was a "radial block" to block feeling in the nerves around the bad disk, to try to alleviate the pain....didn't work.


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 My first blog of 2012, and I really dont got shit to say!!!  Life is life!!!  

Heres to another year on this floating rock....lets make the best of it, should be interesting.....Mayan's, Christian's, or N.A.S.A.....pick your team all bets are off  Dec 21st  LOL


Something to look at


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Shadowgrove The Druid

As the winter solstice arrives at the grove, a calm peace blankets the land. Battlefields, creatures, castles and townfolk are all a slumber in winters embrace. The Druid walks the land, and keeps the peace in solitude, preparing for spring and the rebirth of the Shadowgrove.



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 So for the last four hours, I have been engaged in the most intelligent, and mature conversations with my 11 year old son  we've ever had in his life, about everything and nothing, it honestly felt like two old buddies bs'ing at a bar. He then hugs me and says "This has been my favorite night ever, I love you dad, your the best dad I could ever have or want". Words cant express my emotions at that moment reflecting the whole night in a millisecond....but the puddle on the floor of the garage that leaked out of my face might.


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Happy Halloween

Hope everyone has a fun, safe Halloween.  My Halloween weekend started Thursday with my band Shadowgrove's first live show in 3 years, then Friday night, same club we played again.  Both shows went well, we got tons of praise, and kudos, and earned an open invite to play anytime at the club, and headline!!!  Here's a few pics...


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Demonwolf Bloodcult

My band Shadowgrove has it's first 2 gigs in 4 years.  Were playing at a local metal club called the Outland Ballroom Thursday Oct. 27th at the 4th annual Fearfest, and also the next night, Friday Oct. 28, same place for the Halloween Metalfest.  Were all dressing a Gargoyle, and we have stage props like a 12 foot grim reaper holding our banner, and a couple of fog machine zombies!!!  It should be a blast, cant wait....I will post some pics when its done.


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