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Shared on Fri, 09/09/2011 - 11:07

"By watching The Third Jihad video this 9/11, you will be paying tribute to those killed in the September 11th attacks. We must remember what happened on 9/11, and honor the heroes of Flight 93 and the victims of the 9/11 Pentagon and World Trade Center attack.

On 9/11, Bush said that the Radical Islamic 9/11 terrorists "have failed. Our country is strong." Watch The Third Jihad video this 9/11 to understand the forces which combat the American strength in the years following the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. Share the 9/11 video -stream with others and educate them about the threat we face.

This September 11th, pay tribute to the memories of the 9/11 victims, educate yourself, and awaken others. Our country must remain strong."

If you have Netflix, it is on there right now.

You might be surprised, this was done by an American Muslim who is trying to help educate the rest of us on how bad the problem really is, you might enjoy knowing how the tactics are changing... it is brilliant by design. Bombs are hardly the main tool now. Catering to impulse reactions and impressionable youth is the name of the game now.

Enjoy. :)


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