You Have To Love Them Anyway

Waster Jericho

Shared on Fri, 05/08/2015 - 16:32

So I'm gaming and listening (somewhat), to my wife while shes on her laptop. She ask is I'd ever heard od Witcher III. I said yes and I thought it would be a cool game and mentioned we should get it. A few minuntes later she said she'd ordered it! Happy dance.......Happy Dance. Then she finished the conversation. She ordered it from Best Buy! Above all she used regular shipping....omg. Best buy is 21 one miles away and Game Stop is 3. Plus you can pick you order up the day of release there as well. Gentleman you can see I have no room to scold the lass, I was getting what I wanted.

Then I remember all the illness and the quad bypass in the years past, and she was there and ready for marching orders. I do love her with all my being so what did I do? Got a kiss and wen bqck to playing my game. To put up with my gimp ass the woman is a saint in my eyes. I'm blesses to have here and I can wait a few day extra. Yeah, I can write out the order information and give it to her next time. A great week weekend to all, and if ya see me on line drop me a shout and we'll find something to loot and pillage. Keep thosw tires flaming!


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