The Witcher Take 3

Waster Jericho

Shared on Wed, 05/20/2015 - 13:14

As I wrote before my wife got Witcher 3 ordered in a way I saw now way of us having it on release day. By the Grace of God it did get here late yesterday evening. The package was impressive with a real book and other goodies, just as in older days gone by.

After the game loaded, I handend the controller to her for the first go around since she bought the game and I'm about to ask to spend 400 pounds. The game started with a nice 7.1 soundtrack, and graphics showing real good attention to detail.


Now the bad. The writing is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tiny! I mean Deadilest Catch was on the 360. The TV we use is a 42 inch full 1080 LCD that has done great with every game we've used it for until now. Both of us wear glasses abd the screen is less than 7 feet away from out control center. I tell you I god down in the floor within inches and still had problems reading the script. I do believe it will be a fun game just make sure your glasses are new, your drink is cold, and lastly a bottle of Excedrin mirgrane made need it before it's all over. Is it too early to ask santa for a 60 inch for Christmas? Enjoy today and your game lads!


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