Gaming OCD

Waster Jericho

Shared on Sat, 05/02/2015 - 11:36

Allright come clean. There can't be just me on here that has it. I guess I've always been OCD about one thing or another. It seems I've had it about several things in life. Gee I didn't know I could multitask so well and not be aware! I like to get up, test my sugar, take my meds. Then I'll eat, read my Bible and jump to my emails. All being done, I can do whatever in any order I choose. This often means I try a new game for a bit, and then go back to my favorites. I found I was always having to clear space on my Xbox1 which means getting rid of game progress that I wished I could keep. That has changed for the present time. Last week I got a hot tip that Staples had a smoking deal on external hard drives. I could not believe it was true! 4TB toshiba 7400 speed drives for $75.99!!! I nearky pissed myself when I found they were instock. Thats a load of space when you count the drive on the xbox as well. I can OCD games with space to spare. Happy dance! Oh yeah, knowing a good deal when I see it, 2 external drives we purchased. 8TB of new storage for one xbox! Hey, I did already admit to being OCD. One day the bell may ring and on the other side will be Dr. Phill here to stage an intervention. Got that covered. My cane live by the door that could let him know how a fudgesicle darn fast! Lord I try to behave I really do........blush


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