Halo REACH Mixer / Tournament


Shared on Sun, 04/29/2012 - 21:19


The Halo Division is hosting a site wide mixer with a little bit of competition (this is Halo, ya know) to spice things up a little bit. 

This isn't about the wins and losses. No, this is all about the KILLS!!! The competition is against the world. It's against your fellow 2o2p members. It's against your greatest foe, YOURSELF!

Your in game kills are measured up against how well you normally do in Match Making. Out perform your usual kills and get bonus points. Up against a tougher team than yours, MORE bonus points. Add up all those points at the end and see how your 4man team measures up with the other teams from the community.

This tournament has been designed for all skill level players to be a productive part of their team. While your out there raining bullets, you also get the opportunity to get some matches in with someone other than your regular gang. There are a ton of great peeps here at 2o2p, and this is a great chance to meet some of them. You may see some players you've conversed with on the site, and you may find a few that lurk in the dark corners of 2o2p as well.

If you would like to sign up or just want to know a little more about this event, check out the Halo Forum. Or if you want, jump straight to the signup thread


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