Installment two of Project Blackjack drifting setups has arrived at Wrecked Magazine. This one features the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro with Conrad Gruenwald’s 2010 look that debuted at SEMA 2009. Earlier this month we debuted Daijiro Yoshihara’s Discount Tire S13 in the game which is a great setup.

This one is a little more experienced of a setup to handle but once you get it down it will make some insane scores. 4th gear is a good start on this car and once you start to get a feel for it, try drifting around in 5th for the huge points. You will need to buy a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro which costs $33,000 to get started. To get the wrap just visit the storefront of CobraTuner who has a perfect replica of this car which we used in the photos. Here is how the modifications go for this insane powered ride.

Corvette C6 ZR1 Engine Swap
FRAM Race Air Filter
Edelbrock Race Fuel System
Champion Race Ignition
Borla Race Exhaust
Lunati Race Camshaft
GM Performance Parts Race Valves
GM Performance Parts Race Displacement
JE Pistons Race
Eaton Race Twin-Screw Supercharger
Bell Intercoolers Race
Fidanza Race Flywheel
Alcon Race Brakes
Eibach Race Springs/Dampers
Suspension Techniques Race Front Anti-Roll Bar
Suspension Techniques Race Rear Anti-Roll Bar
Sparco Race Chassis Reinforcement/Roll Cage
Cobra Race Weight Reduction
Centerforce Race Clutch
GM Performance Parts Race Transmission
GM Performance Parts Race Driveline
Eaton Race Differential
Goodyear Sport Compound Tires
Upgrade Front Tire Width 275/40/20
Upgrade Rear Tire Width 305/35/20

Now that you spent all that cash on parts, it’s time to tune your ride for some ideal drifting.

Front Tire PSI: 28
Rear Tire PSI: 25
Final Drive Gearing: 3.83
Front Camber: -4.0
Rear Camber: -0.5
Front Toe: 2.0
Rear Toe: -0.5
Front Caster Angle: 7.0
Front Anti Roll Bars: 28.32
Rear Anti Roll Bars: 23.14
Front Springs: 719.5
Rear Springs: 640
Front Ride Height: 5.9 inches
Rear Ride Height: 5.9 inches
Front Rebound Stiffness: 8.6
Rear Rebound Stiffness: 7.1
Front Bump Stiffness: 6.1
Rear Bump Stiffness: 5.0
Differential Acceleration: 75%
Differential Deceleration: 75%

Hard Facts:
2010 Chevrolet Camaro: $33,000
Formula D Wrap in CobraTuner Storefront: $15,000
Install Parts: $251,390
Weight: 3,182 lbs.
Horsepower: 926hp
Class: R3 713

Big Thanks to BLKJ SD9K for the tune and for driving the S15 against us for these photos.
Also a thanks to DSTROYR who drove the Hankook GT-R in photo two.