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Shared on Tue, 02/01/2011 - 04:01

As of  two hours ago, I am just a silver member of Xbox Live.

Seven years I've been a member. Before I found 2o2p, XBL sucked. There were a few glimmers of civilization, but it was a great wasteland of junkies(anyone remember the MechWarrior guy that was always talking about drugs?) and the very foulness of timmies spewing excrement from their oral cavities was beyond overwhelming.

Even after finding 2o2p, having been twice bitten I was very shy to game with the peeps I had added to my friends list. Especially since they kept wanting to play in public matches!

However, I have greatly enjoyed the five and a half years here at 2o2p, but I've reduced my involvement in the forums(mostly due to my slightly varied work schedule), and I have noticed that the community here is different. Not worse, or better, but different. To a degree I feel like I'm from a previous generation of 2o2p. The generation that seems to have mostly fallen off of the face of 2o2p.

While I had a rocking final weekend on XBL, with great thanks to King of Twang was able to Finish the Fight in a Legendary manner, I pretty much don't even miss it now that it's not available. I might miss it later when I think some MP might be great or some SpecOps in MW2 would be a blast, but I'll deal with that when it comes. There are things I will miss. XBL has the Game with fame deal, but for me gaming with fame was the night I gamed with Caeser. I still get slightly giddy just thinking about it. Hell, it was like gaming with a god! I will miss shooting the shit with other Westies during matches. While I'll still be here, I'll just be one of the guys sitting in the dark booths over in the corner.

So, I would like to express my thanks to Doodi and his crew for this great site, and also a thanks to all the members of the community that have made a site for older gamers one of the best forums around!



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Submitted by buckeye75 on Tue, 02/01/2011 - 07:46
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Submitted by TKBosss on Tue, 02/01/2011 - 08:31
I never got a chance to play XBL with you, but you seemed nice enough in the forums. I can understand though. I feel myself not jumping at gaming every chance I have anymore. We'll see what happens.
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Submitted by Smithcraft on Tue, 02/01/2011 - 15:50
@buckeye75 - You got that right! XLink Kai FTW! @TKBosss - Thanks! I have some 48 hour cards, and of course if anything awesome comes out, I can always get a month, or three. SC
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Submitted by KingOfTwang on Wed, 03/16/2011 - 01:50
Smithcraft, pleasure was all mine. Chopped Liver certainly did his part, too bad that Mistress of Cruel Cortana never gave you your due. It's that damn rampancy, I tell you. And remember, when we drive, the floor plates fall away!

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