Rest in peace Jeff Hanneman


Shared on Fri, 05/03/2013 - 05:30

I'm sure you've heard that Slayer's guitarist Jeff Hanneman passed away yesterday due to liver failure.  I haven't been hit this hard losing a hero since Dimebag.  Slayer was my favorite band in high school, and still to this day.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff in 1996 on their Divine Intervention tour.  Really nice guy, a real cut up!!!  Metal lost another icon, and pioneering riff master. 

My band Kurmudgeon had a show the night of his passing and we dedicated our set, and our Slayer homage to Jeff, here it is.

Shred in peace Jeff


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Submitted by SarcasmoJones on Fri, 05/03/2013 - 08:50

 I actually met Jeff Hanneman in person. They were playing the Arcadia Theater in Dallas during the South of Heaven tour and we followed the tour bus back to their hotel after the show. I got Jeff, as well as Kerry King and Tom Araya, to sign a Pipe Dreams calander...Pipe Dreams is a head shop in Dallas. Dave Lombardo rushed past us with a chick under each arm so I guess he was too preoccupied to scribble his name. I ended up giving Tom one of the calanders and he asked us if we had any weed...but being a Slayer show we had smoked every bit of it before and during the show. If we had set some aside for after the show, this would have been a better story. Metal hasn't been hit this hard since Dime, and Cliff Burton before him. RIP Jeff.

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