Blogspam? You bet your ass it is.


Shared on Thu, 02/16/2012 - 11:32

Long time no see. Hope the last couple of years has been treating everyone like the rockstars you are.

I hate to drop in simply to pimp out a new idea but...well..ok...this is totally a shameless plug. I've got a new side project cooking and need testers. If you're into graphics editing, are a photoshop hacker or simply want to try out my app - head on over and sign up

As if begging for ONE signup wasn't enough I'm going to be douchy enough to ask for EVEN MORE help. Yeah, I'm needy today. We're running a logo contest for the app and if you'd like to vote for the finalists head on over here and cast your votes

In other news - I'm still playing TF2 on Friday & Saturday nights. If any of you mofo's want a rocket to the face hit me up on steam - (SWX)TK421. 




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