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What is up, my fellow dudes? It's been a while (like, a loooong while) but I thought this post would be relevant to your interests. Codemonkey and I finally got around to designing, coding, AND FINISHING a game! I know, crazy, right? We've been messing around with game development (on and off) since our college days but this time, decided it would be cool to actually make some money. It's weird how your priorities shift from "making a cool game" to "paying your bills" as life goes on, isn't it? 

Anyway - back to the game. 

Dungeon Rustlers is a retro rouge-like shoot-em-up. Choose your character class and try to successfully navigate through the dungeons with one of two goals in  mind:

  • Finish the dungeon run as fast as possible
  • Get the highest score you can

Those two goals are pretty much mutually exclusive. 

Along the way, you'll collect coins (to buy power-ups) and gems (to increase your score multiplier) and face a bunch of different enemies who're out to put an end to your rustling. 

We just shipped the game today on Steam in their Early Access program. We'd certainly love it if you swung by to check it out, or even picked up a copy...or three.  Heck, if you even LIKED what you played, do us a solid and leave a review on Steam or on Metacritic.

Happy Rustling! 


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Submitted by codemonkey on Sun, 11/26/2017 - 10:37

Right on!

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Submitted by Rock on Tue, 06/04/2019 - 19:01

You are so GAY!

Miss ya buddy...

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