Star Wars: Battlefront K/D ratio is misleading


Shared on Mon, 06/06/2016 - 13:34

So I love playing Star Wars: Battlefront. I love the realistic and gorgeous maps and the gameplay. Right there at the front landing page is the kill to death ratio: A link to the screenshot is here: . According to it, I have a K/D ratio of .43, which on the surface is not good. However, when I looked at my cumulative score, which is 2,716,422. The cumulative score is based on my ability to meet certain objectives, etc. According to TrueAcheivements, my rank against 86,102 registered gamers is 1286, which would put me in the 98% percentile of gamers.

So I am an engineer and I value statistics. I looked at my detailed statistics, a screenshot located here: . It says that I have 3866 kills, 1818 assists, 8985 deaths, and 240 suicides. So how was the .43 computed? So taking 3866 kills and dividing it by 8985 deaths yields .43. Fair enough.

But what about the assists? If I take out every piece of health except 1, and the solder next to me gets the "kill," he gets the "kill," but I just gets the points. This makes no sense. What about the times where I kill someone who kills me at the same time? Another question is how is "suicides" factored into deaths? If I make a mistake in throwing a grenade and it kills me, it is registered as a suicide and a death. This affects the overall ratio. 

So I decided to come up with my own ratio. Firstly there needs to be a weight added to "kills," since that is better than an "assist." The suicides need to be factored out as well from the overall death total. So here is my formula: K/D true =(2*kills+assists)/(2*(Deaths-Suicides).

Based on this, my true K/D ratio would be 53.9%. This is much better, although it still shows that other gamers are killing me twice as much as I kill them, but again I prefer to play the objectives, rather than improve this ratio. 

Let me know what you think. :)


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