Is buying a steering wheel for Forza 6 worth it?


Shared on Mon, 06/06/2016 - 15:49

I would like to ask the community if getting a steering wheel for Forza 6 (or other racing games) worth it? A typical rundown is here: . However, I cannot imagine spending $700 for a steering wheel. For that price, I could get a crappy car, just to play a video game. 

From my experience, racing online is horrible with the standard Xbox1 controller. Any suggestions? What does the community use? 

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Submitted by Fitzy on Tue, 06/14/2016 - 14:41
I picked up the Logitech G920 last Black Friday for half price, it's a great Force Feedback wheel with a good set of pedals. It makes a big difference to playing the game. Once you have a wheel you'll never use a controller again. If you keep an eye on the G920 price in Amazon they drop the price every now and then,
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Submitted by Road Racer 1995 on Thu, 06/16/2016 - 15:06

The wheel situation was the main reason I delayed getting a XB1 to continue playing Forza (Plus FM5 seemed poor).  I was enjoying my Fanatec gear & racing with friends in FM4.  My brother-in-law was super nice & gave me his Fanatec Porsche wheel & clubsport pedal set!  Then MS changed stuff regarding controller communication which meant my gear would not work with the XB1.  Well, I did finally get a XB1 last Dec and, at first, I didn't have a wheel.  I can't drive with a controller!  So I sold a bunch of old wheels & other stuff on ebay in January & raised enough for a new, XB1 compatible, Fanatec wheel & my current pedals work with it.  Yes, the cost is crazy.  But driving in FM6 is now enjoyable again.  I don't know what else to recommend.  If you were totally new to Fanatec & starting from nothing, a new wheel & pedals would be ~$830.  Choosing the best pedal set & higher end wheel takes it up to ~$1,300 !  That's a lot, I know!  The quality is A+. The company is German.  Their customer support is delayed a little with the time zone situation.  But they respond to everything.  If you ever have problems & need service, you send your item to Arizona.  New purchases ship from their California office and they don't give you free shipping like Amazon or similar stores.  That's all the details I can think of regarding Fanatec.  I would imagine any decent wheel is better than the controller!  Do some research to find a good one that fits your price range.  There's at least 2 websites dedicated to sim racing that do reviews:  and

Good luck.

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