Bespin DLC


Shared on Wed, 06/22/2016 - 10:34

So I tried out the Bespin DLC and here are my thoughts: 

  • The game area is gorgeous. It is easy to run through the maps and want to stop and look around. Of course in a battle game, this is a deadly proposition. 
  • The game rotation now includes Fighter Squadron. This mode also includes Cloud Cars (I started calling them "Clown" Cars smiley). The Cloud Cars fly very similarly to the T47 snowspeeder. There is a "orange" one for the rebels, and a "blue" one for the Empire. This map is very big and I found it hard to find marks to engage. The Cloud Cars are also not very good as dogfighters. 
  • The games have bugs. I found several areas where there were floating dead troopers. 
  • The combatants in the maps generally started to use EE-4s. The map seems best suited for this weapon. 
  • The new gameplay seems to have been tilted to noobs. 
  • The Walker Assault only has one AT-AT. Also since there is no snowspeeders with tow cables, the way to bring it down is different. The game seems to be tilted to the Empire in this mode.

Overall I found it to be a fun addition, I don't think they are better than the original missions. 


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