Things I've learned in the last two weeks


Shared on Sun, 08/11/2013 - 12:05

Saying "I'll just have water" at a staff function at which you're not paying gets you stares, even when you qualify that you're trying to eat healthier.

No matter how hard you try, you can't hide the taste of maca powder in anything.  It comes through, no matter what.

I'm not sure I like maca powder.  I'll finish it, because I bought it.  But never again.

Apparently, "good quality" loose leaf green tea means "this is what you'd expect being teabagged by Aquaman would taste like". Salty?  No.  "Vegetal".  *shudder*

Despite Alton Brown's apparent enjoyment of "brislings" (sardinnes, liar!), if you didn't enjoy the fishy taste of fish before, you won't even after you tell yourself "but it's healthy".

Eating anything because "it's healthy" just makes it taste bad longer while you chew.  Swallowing is an event mixed with horror and shame. 

Even if you're close to losing 20 pounds but still wearing the same clothes, you still look bad in your clothes.  Maybe worse.

Telling yourself "I used to be able to jog 5kms easy when I was younger" doesn't help you finish the 600m you were shooting for; at least my heart hasn't exploded in my chest.  That's a good thing.

Even plain greek yogurt can't hide the taste of maca.  Really, this stuff is unreal.  It's something akin to a butterscotch radish.  I like radish. I like butterscotch.  I DO NOT LIKE BUTTERSCOTCH RADISHES!


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