My reponse in the Titanfall forum - concerning Comp Gamers ruining


Shared on Thu, 02/27/2014 - 12:58

Titanfall and Competitive Gaming.

With new games comes new speculation into who will play them – Competitive players sometimes can be the loudest - however they can also define games. Halo 2 for example, almost needed competitive gamers to define that platform. It is correct, Comp Gamers are the minority. There seems to be a weight being placed on the shoulders of competitive gamers from casual community that are in fear that a game would be "ruined" by the onset of competitive players or playlists. Or that Respawn will court or cater to that community only.

I have seen this quote many times in forums and message boards - "comp gamers will kill this game"? Games that “die” – are either not very good (example: BRINK), or usually do so for lack of developer support and halfa$$ed sequels. CoD can’t go a month without new rumors of games and DLC. (money makes the world go round) . I personally can’t think of a single game ruined by competitive gamers or a playlist relegating them.

The benefit of an arena, playlist or "comp" playlist, it takes the competitive people out of the casual pool. With a playlist, it lessens the exposure to gameplay that some find "cheap" or unnecessary.

How can Comp Gamers help? Here is an example: Halo2 was anemic when it launched - if it wasn't for the comp community, that game wouldn't of been patched nearly as quick. Comp gamers pushed Halo 2 - until it was a good playable game. It also wouldn’t of had the longevity it enjoyed. Gamers were filling Halo2 matchmaking well after the platform had run its own life cycle.

Typically the gamers that are truly competitive usually never complain about a game - Most of the views that I see allotted to comp gamers -aren’t always competitive gamers. Some may be social gamers that want to be competitive or competent at the game - and may seem the loudest in the crowd, but please understand this isn't as cut and dry as saying we will "ruin titanfall". The link below – though old is very relevant for Titanfall…and life for that matter 

The reality of competitive gaming is simple. If they gave the community water pistols in Titanfall- it’s the comp gamers that would strive to soak and utilize the weapons given. Comp gamers will gravitate to the efficiency of a weapon - not just the most powerful. If gamers think that’s “cheap”, then possibly they lack adaptation. The benefit of comp gamers is that approach - we help the games by defining and legitimizing weapon sets.

My personal opinion - With my limited exposure during the BETA - Titanfall rocks! It’s such a fun time - every time. I can easily see the social or casual player really having a great experience with Titanfall.
Titanfall is now gold, and we are on the heels of launch. Titanfall needs to be played and enjoyed for a couple weeks to really understand and comprehend the mechanics. Respawn has proven that it is listening to the consumers - have some faith in them to make this game malleable for everyone.

…and have fun! 


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