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Shared on Fri, 02/15/2008 - 10:11

As you all know I am more of a reader than a movie watcher. But once in a generation a movie comes along that touches your very soul. Cougar Club is that movie. I laughed. I cried. I diddled myself.

Many of you are probably saying to yourself, “Self, this guy doesn't even read the books he reviews... There is no way he watched this movie review”. To you I say, “Well played and screw you! I am reviewing it anyway!!!”.

But instead of cutting and pasting other people review and mocking them I will make this one up off the cuff, for your enjoyment.

Cougar Club is a movie about sexy older ladies (Cougars) who join together in a group (Club). Together and/or separately they prey on unsuspecting young men. Having their way with them over and over and over again. These wise old birds are experienced, and know how to please strapping young men like myself. Oh yeah, the know what I like. Thats it! Right there baby. Oh... Mmmm... Okay, excuse me a moment. I will be right back in five or ten minutes.


Alright, that is better. Now where was I? Oh yes, the movie! It had a cast of people you know. Actors and actresses that at one time were probably pretty well respected. Now of course all you can think is WTF are they doing in this? Anywho, I am sure it is pretty good and you should see it and let me know what you think. Send me a PM but write it as if you were me so I can just cut and paste.

In a travesty to end all travesties Cougar Club did not win the Academy Award for best picture. In fact – and you may want to sit down before you read this – it did not even get nominated!!! Now the 4.2 / 10 it received from IMDb may not seem very high. But what if that was 4.2 stars out of 5? Now that is a good, nay a great movie. Or what if it was 4.2 stars out of 4? That would make this the






 Props to Deman267 who is, well, the man. And congratulations for being thrown under the bus.


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Submitted by Deman267 on Sat, 02/16/2008 - 10:30
I plead the fifth. Wow,it's dirty here under the bus.:)
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Submitted by twistedcaboose on Fri, 02/15/2008 - 10:16
Oh so it was Deman.....tsk tsk tsk. Welcome to the shit list.
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Submitted by Lbsutke on Fri, 02/15/2008 - 10:20
The club is missing one character...our own beloved XBL Cougar... "looks around...just in case she pounces..."
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Submitted by YEM on Fri, 02/15/2008 - 10:40
Cougy McCougington

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