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Shared on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 10:24

I really love the whole idea of being able to go back and watch games.  I am having fun with it.  I like going back and watching funny (stupid) things I did during games.  I like taking pictures and saving them.  Its nice to be able to go back and watch the good players to see how they play.  I am having as much fun with it as I am playing.  Wonder why other games don't have this option. 

So explain to me what I would have to get to save these games to my computer so that I can goof around and make these videos like I have seen many of you make.  I have a basic laptop and video editing software.  What do I need to purchase to do this?


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Submitted by VenomRudman on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 10:30
A few of my recent blogs have covered my adventures with recording games. But to give you the short version, a HAVA Platinum HD is what I use, about $80-$100.
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Submitted by H2Daddy on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 11:19
I will have to check out your blogs to see how to do this. Thanks.

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