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Shared on Tue, 10/17/2006 - 10:09
I had a chance to try the multiplayer demo so I thought I'd give some short impressions. Keep in mind that this is my first time playing Splinter Cell on an Xbox as I have a long history of PC gaming. Although I have played the PC versions of 1 and 2. This was also my first time playing this game online. I missed out on number 3 and I believe it had a similar online system.

I started off playing as a spy. You get a short video explanation of your tasks via a projector and then off you go. Most of the guys I was playing with were using a mic which made things much easier. I went off to find my first computer terminal to hack. I found a nice dark ledge above all the action and started my download. One of my teammates acted as a decoy on the ground to disctract the 2 mercs that were there. I have to say that playing as a spy was quite fun. I enjoyed the tactical side of the gameplay. The spies ended up winning the match so next game I switched sides.

I didn't enjoy playing as a merc as much but it was still very enjoyable. Although at one point one of the spies was hacking me!!! I had no idea that was possible. I lost my radar and my flashlight kept turining off and on. My vision also went fuzzy. Then before I knew it the spy had me in a choke hold and quickly broke my neck. Usually I don't enjoy being beaten like that, but the way it was done was so cool I just had to laugh.

I was kind of on the fence when deciding if I was going to pick this game up or not, but after the demo it's a definite buy. Can't wait to play against some fellow 2old2play members once it's released. If you like your games with a tactical feel you'll love this game.

PS - I just found out that IGN reviewed the full game and gave it a 9.0 CLICK HERE


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Submitted by CofC on Tue, 10/17/2006 - 11:22
Cool. I love those games. They really suck you into the story.

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