LCD issues - part 2


Shared on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 10:36
A few days ago I received my new Dell 20' widescreen LCD. I was excited to try it out my 360 sice I don't have an HDTV and I use my 360 in my home office anyway. Imagine my dissapointment when I discover the same problem I've been having with other monitors I've tried. Take a look:

The image is stretched vertically. I have tried every single widescreen resolution the 360 offers and I get the same problem. Does anyone have a solution to this? If not I guess I'll have to return yet another monitor. I have no idea why this won't work, computer LCDs are 16:9 just as HDTVs. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

This is how it should look:

More info: I am using the VGA adapter for the 360. The monitor does not do 1080 resolutions.


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Submitted by Lbsutke on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 10:39
this may sound dumb, but have you moved the button that is on the cable from standard/non to hdtv?
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Submitted by CrypticCat on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 10:46
It isn't the button. What you need is a 19"Inch monitor. I annoyed a clerk in my electronic's store by insisting to hook up my 360 to various LCD's he had on display. The 19" monitor had the perfect compatibility, whereas the 20" would stretch the picture. Although the new 1080 resolution, which translate into some insane VGA-reso would not fit the screen anymore, I'm quite happy with the reso I'm using. (1280x1024 widescreen) So, less is more. See if you can trade for a 19" widescreen monitor.
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Submitted by CelShady on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 11:00
The widescreen monitors are typically 16:10, not 16:9, and that's probably why you're seeing some stretching.
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Submitted by Exedus on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 11:26
DAMMIT! really? I really don't want to go down to 19'. Maybe I sould just return it and get a cheap LCD TV?
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Submitted by Gatsu on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 11:58
I dunno why your having so many issues dude...I've got the same 20" monitor and mine is fine. Maybe it just doesnt like you. lol.
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Submitted by TANK on Sat, 12/23/2006 - 14:15
Cel's right on the 16:10 stuff. What you need to do is divide the monitor's max resolution by the ratio. Like my monitor is 1680x1050. So divide the 1050 part by 9 (as in 16:9) or 10 (as in 16:10). You want to find a monitor with a max res on the vertical that divides evenly by 9. In my case 1050 doesn't divide by 9 evenly, but 1080 does. So you want to find a screen that'll do a full 1080p res or some other ratio that divides by 9 evenly.

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