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Shared on Fri, 02/17/2017 - 17:19

This week's Rivals competition is finally of a quality that doesn't make me wanna vomit after 30 minutes. A great, albeit small, selection 'W'-songs with a lot of my personal favorite songs in them and a Spotlight-song section with a nice surprise in the line-up.

Every week I'm looking at purchasing a song to have a full Spotlight section and this week the song that I had to buy (Totally optional to buy a song though, I just do it to help the crew doing well.) is a song by a band that I've never heard of before. The band is Blues Traveler and their song is called 'Hook'. I love this song, it's right my alley. My jam, more or less.

And this is one of the things that I love Rockband for. I get exposed to music I'm unfamiliar with and sometimes I get pointed to new bands and new songs I did not know existed. So, now I'm trying to find as much music by Blues Traveler that I can find because that's how I am. I need this music in my life now!

Sidenote: If this week's selection was last week's selection, the 2o2p-crew would be playing in the Diamond Tier now. LOL

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