Metal Gear Solid 5 marks the day that gamers lost all believability.


Shared on Sat, 09/05/2015 - 04:15

MGS5 is the game we're all be waiting for. The game we gamers deserve. The game that justifies owning $500 consoles that for over a year now have been not much more than very expensive set-top Netflix boxes. The game that the PCmasterrace builds their extemely overpriced and overpowered controller-less home-brew consoles for. The game that's above reproach even though it does everything gamers profess to be against, down to blatantly disrespecting the gamer that bought it.

  • MGS5 is an expensive game.
  • It's about stealth, but forces the gamer in setpiece battles out in the open.
  • Has gamemodes that can be ignored.
  • Has micro-transactions to avoid the game's unnecessary grind.
  • Has more FMVs than The Witcher 3 and they last minutes longer than the FMVs in the latter.
  • Konami forced reviewers to not mention many things the consumer should've been aware of before buying.
  • Konami showered those reviewers with presents, party and privelege.
  • All major reviews for MGS5 were bought and paid for.

But nobody cared. Not the reviewers who profess to shield the consumer from bad games with honest and objective reviews. Not the indie-journalists important enough to be invited to Japan all expenses paid to see the game ahead of everybody else. Not the gamers that fill forum after forum ranting about how the games-industry is greedy. Not the youtubers who fill many videos hating on Konami and who end up uloading MGS gameplay videos. How the industry only wants to print money. How the games-industry is anti-consumer. How we should stop rewarding the games-industry by buying games that obviously cross the line.

How everybody cried foul play when they had to pay $40 for the MGS techdemo. And how they suck on Konami's thick, throbbing penis and with great glee beg Konami to ejaculate deep in their throats, promising not to spit afterwards now that MSG5 is here.

And so, MGS5 broke sales-records. I'm sorry, but how can anyone with common sense observe this and not come to the conclusion that the games community at large is rotten to the core? Time and time again gamers prove that what they say means nothing at all. We basically just told the industry that all our talk about micro-transactions in full priced triple A games was merely just us applying reverse-pychology. If we scream loud enough that we don't want it, then the industry will give it and we'll be happy little sheeple standing inline waiting impatiently for our well deserved assrape.

Konami is not at fault here. They got vindicated in their dim and cynical view of the gamer and the community they come from. They got vindicated in their anti-consumer behavior. Because with MGS5 sales-figures in hand Konami can rightfully say that they gave us everything in a game that we as gamers want.

I'm so waiting for our pretty little community that has mouth, ass and uterus full of Konami sperm to give the next game that pulls shit like MGS5 hell. Because that will happen. We gamers are double-faced douchebags.

Edit: The last paragraph already happened:


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