Going forward with nothing: Youtubers on the way out.


Shared on Fri, 03/31/2017 - 08:32

The last week on You-Tube was dramatic as the company failed to act quickly and decisively hot on the news that traditional media outlet 'The Guardian' had pulled their advertizing from the You Tube platform. While this may have come as a surprise to some, I could frankly see it coming a year ago, when I posted a few blogs about the lack of self-awareness under youtubers. One can't keep abusing the goose with the golden eggs and expecting it to keep on giving to eternity. A youtuber has to take responsibility. I actually stopped writing about this topic on here because it was becoming rather stale. I'm a clear and vocal advocate of youtuber regulation, but for that to be successful and profitable for all parties involved, the regulation would have to come from the youtubers and not from the top. Because when that happens, a youtuber might as well find gainful employment elsewhere.

Meanwhile, youtubers sacrificed the goose with the golden eggs and I went silent. I've learned in the real world that being Don Quichotte is not a smart career-choice and I can spot a lack of self awareness from miles away. No skin off of my back as I'll just find the next Internet trainwreck to watch. There's material enough in this space that you can witness going down in flames in real time. (Machinima comes to mind.)

You Tube's image didn't improve off course, any less as you can steer a juggernaut in the opposite direction. Other huge 'free money' industries pulled their business over the last week, leaving You Tube with a billion dollar gap in their finances overnight. But those huge industries aren't a solid block in a sense, they're fragmented into a lot of subsidiaries that'll follow their parent-companies in the days to follow. The one billion dollar gap is just the beginning. You Tube plugged the wells with dynamite to squelch the fires and many youtubers have seen their revenue drop by as much as 80%.

What's disturbing in this picture is that one could see it coming and no one making videos made adjustments. The same crappy and offensive shit day after day until the very end. The people going #takebackyoutube were the wrong people, that much is clear.

It'll be interesting to tack stock a month from now and see which youtubers had to close up shop and find someone willing to employ them in some capacity or another.

'Free money'.., no such thing.


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