First week report of the 2o2p Crew in RB4Rivals


Shared on Wed, 02/01/2017 - 13:03

The 2o2p Crew did very well in the last week, keeping the pip at 97% high in the green band in the Silver Tier. We ended 46th overall and got promoted to the Gold Tier. I don't know what next week's theme will be, but it can only be better than last theme what had 'One word titles' as theme. The only thing good about it was the fact that I only needed to buy one song to have the three Spotlight songs (Spotlight songs are the highest earners because they offer an extra pointscore over the other 'W'-songs.) this time. There wasn't many classics to be had, which are typically the songs I enjoy the most and find easier to gold-star as a result. Most of the 'W'-songs that I played to maintain the pip in the promotion-zone I wouldn't play for fun with a feeling like 'Awh yah, gonna shred some RB4Rivals, son!'. Yet, that's the part where competition is hard, I guess. Trying to do well on elements that you don't like, or are a notoriously low performer on.

But we go through it and start the Gold Tier next week.

The crew got bolstered with StrikeZ joining us, which leaves 6 spots open for RB4 Rockers looking to add a little depth to their RB4 sessions. Remember that we only expect you to contribute to the crew's score as we look to climb the tiers. You play when you want, how long you want and how many song you want. You're not required, or even expected, to buy songs. That's just something that I do to maximize the crew's score as best as I can, but it is at the same time something one can't expect everyone else to follow suit. 2o2p Crew was founded to escape the unrealistic expectations placed on people in other crews. I will forever stand by that, even if that means that in the end we could've done better or something like that. 2o2p Crew is about fun first, results second.

But at the same time, we're shooting at Bloodstone Tier, because there's no point in doing this and not wanting to go anywhere. Just keep that in mind. If you want to join, drop Big_One a line on here. He's the Crew's leader and handles invitations. We're playing on the Xbone side of the fence.

Rock on, hoping to see you join the crew.

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Nice work

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