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Shared on Thu, 02/02/2017 - 09:22
Februari 2nd: 2o2p Day!

2o2p Day! Little did I know it existed while I finally finished decorating my little condo overlooking the Tri-City comprised out of The Hague, Rijswijk and Zoetermeer. Living where I live makes one regretting that it isn't new-year's eve everyday. The view is astonishing. Since I take senior-gaming very seriously and believe that you shouldn't do a hobby unless you're prepared to do it right, I decided that I should honor 2o2p Day with pictures from my livingroom, which is a celebration of gaming all by itself.

Legacy gamingStarting with the long wall, I placed my PS3 and 360 there, connected to a UHD Smart-TV. They used to be somewhere else, but because of my latest purchase, a ultra-wide monitor, they had to move. The poor things don't know what to do with 2560*1080 so they needed a place where they would be at home. On the PS3 I regularly play Gran Turismo 6 and on the 360 I oftenly play Rockband 3 and other titles. Contrary to popular belief, the PS3 and 360 are still very much viable.

Next-Gen gamingIn the corner right next to it is my Next-Gen gaming setup. An ultra-wide monitor that displays by my choosing either my rig, my Xbox One and my PS4. My rig is a Skylake 6700K, 32Gb Corsair Vengeance DDr4@2400 and a GTX1080FE. I mostly spam my Facebook with it, but also play lots of Skyrim, Fallout4 and Xcom2 Long War. When I'm not doing that, I drive a virtual truck through either Europe or America. The HDD is mechanical, but I'm puting money aside for a NVME solution. On the Xbox One I mostly play Rockband4Rivals and on the PS4 I'm currently playing Yakuza0. Next month Horizon: Zero Dawn will join it.

Decadent GamingThe couch, from which I watch You-Tube. If you're struggling with Xcom2, I can recommend that you search for Christopher Odd, Marbozir or Zemalf on there. These three Xcom-deities will sort you out. The couch is a perfect place to play XBL games like Pinball FX2 or Torchlight. No one ever said that gamers couldn't be decadent and on top of that, we seniors deserve some luxury, no?

Stay Classy Gaming

No gaming-session at Chez CrypticCat is a good session if whiskey doesn't in some way, shape or form enters the picture. My absolute favorite whiskey comes from the Glenfiddich distilleries, but I'm not averse to branching out, as you can see. I have quite an expensive taste in whiskey and have recently signed for a few limited editions from various scottish distilleries. Those whiskeys aren't for dismissive consumption, like the bottle in the top-left. You do only open a bottle like that with someone who's an equal connaisseur. For everyone else, it's pearls before swines. Grants or Teachers is good enough for those people. Cheap swill that can easily be replaced and what you don't regret sharing.

What further to celebrate 2o2p Day? I'm planning on some Xcom2 Long War and later today the new week in Rockband4Rivals should start. I'm not planning on staying in the Gold-Tier with the riff-raff. The 2o2p Crew will be going places, I'll make sure of that! =)

So, happy 2o2p Day! Game on and show the timmies how it is done!


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