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Shared on Thu, 02/16/2017 - 00:49

Well, the less said about last week the better. You're not telling me that a tier with 87 bands in it reduces our percentiles with this much effect as opposed to a lower tier with several hundred bands in it. The diminishing returns are through the roof and the percentile drops as you even watch the status-screen. Demoralizing is the word to use here.

So, the crew is back in Gold tier and it seems that we're headed for promotion/demotion limbo as no one can realisitically carry a crew through any tier higher than gold. Now, in all fairness I didn't do as much as I probably could have but I was in hospital for a day last week and was bogged down in a bitter struggle against Advent in Xcom2 Long War. The latter because that's infinitely better than playing 'Bethany' for the millionth time.

I don't know the theme for next week yet, but I hope that Harmonix is coming down from their millenial-pandering for a spell. Allah, Allah, Allah... *SMH*

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