A Kingdom For Keflings Contest


Shared on Tue, 02/03/2009 - 09:40

Are you a fan of the XBLA Game A Kingdom for Keflings? Developer, Ninja Bee and ATC_1982 got together and created a contest where you can win a print of some original A Kingdom for Keflings concept art. Then, with the creative mind of Jonah Falcon, we came up with a question that you must answer to enter the contest (we pick a winner based on best answer).

They wanted to run it on GameStooge to gain the most exposure and contest entries, but I wanted to let everyone know they're eligable. Checkout gamestooge and drop a comment to enter to win.

You can win a print of this (with developer signatures):


I want to thank ATC_1982 and NinjaBee for coordinating the contest!


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