Do You Like Tequila?


Shared on Wed, 06/24/2009 - 15:40

My secondary "life" lately is reviewing alcohols, talking with brands and importers and making myself and my video show known to the industry. That's working pretty good, I've been able to gather a lot of respect for brands and they're willing to tell me their stories. For those interested in Tequila, I sat down with Riazul's owner and operator to talk about their tequila products, the tequila industry and a little about agave, oaking tequila's and its creation.

If you're interested checkout the interview by CLICKING ON THIS NICE LITTLE TEXT.

Riazul is located in Texas and moving outwards, if you're in the Texas area you should check it out. Next week I'm going to sit down with Pennsylvania's Brave Spirits to talk about their industry and what their trying to accomplish by donating to the men and women of the armed force when you buy their products.


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