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Shared on Sat, 01/24/2009 - 23:40

Had a great time today at the Boston Wine Expo. The mother-in-law was truely appreciative to have this be her gift, it was different, she had a great time, we all learned a lot and had a chance to try wines from all over the world. From Argentina to France to New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Portugal you name it. Everyone represented.

I got to meet up with a few folks I've met on twitter like and the keynote from Gary Vaynerchuk was epic. We had 8 wines in front of us, a complete double blind taste test: guess the wine and the region. Four reds, four whites. I pulled out guess #2 on a white wine, about ten others in the sold out room thought I guessed right and we took home praise for being dead on. Of course, there were plenty I would have never guessed.

The opening keynote with Gary at winelibrary really set the tone for where we were going. Even my wife got into it and she doesn't drink wine unless its an ice wine or something sweet. She was able to guess a lot of the flavor profiles and come up with great tasting notes as well. Epic day.


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Submitted by ATC_1982 on Sun, 01/25/2009 - 05:35
I hope to go to one of those one day

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