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So as well as being a Dad and avid Battlefielder I’m also really into games in general and collecting games of all sorts. I’m currently reorganising our attic and may get pics up of some of my collection at some stage. For now though I just wanted to talk about 3DS. I know I’m 35 years of age but I can’t wait to get one this Friday. I’ve preordered a black model. I still haven’t decided which game I’ll get but it will probably be Streetfighter IV. For me this is one of the most exciting steps in games for years. Glasses-free 3D on a handheld. What’s not to like?
I’ve also really gotten into Dragon Quest IX lately. It doesn’t do anything particularly new but it’s just so polished and easy to play. Perfect for a five (or ten) minute toilet break. It’s clear to see it was designed for the DS from day one. I’ve almost finished it but hear there’s lots to do post-game. It’s just a shame it doesn’t have any online functionality.
So anyone else planning on getting a 3DS?


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