The real Silent Hill


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Quick background: Our company owns an old warehouse across the street where we store a ton of replacement parts etc..This is a very large warehouse but, what most of us didn't know is that it is connected to some other buildings that are up a small hill. The only reason we found out is because someone broke into our warehouse thru a WALL that was knocked down from the tunnel-side that connects all the buildings. Here's where the shit gets creeeeepy. The 3 buildings that are all closely located (2 on the hill and our warehouse) were once a cattle slaughter house. The two upper buildings were the main office and cattle receiving areas and the lower warehouse was used as storage.

So we (myself and some of the guys from our maintenance department) to go exploring down this tunnel. It's pitch black and this tunnel is HUGE! You can shine a flashlight down it and not even see the end. We go exploring around in this tunnel and find all kinds of rooms, elevators, and other shit that looked like a scene right out of Silent Hill or some other scary horror flick. After we were done exploring the lower section we found a set of rusty stairs and headed up to the next level. After doing some more exploring we found all kinds of weird shit in that place but, one room in particular was REALLY strange. There were gigantic wood crates that had labels stenciled on the side of them and upon further inspection they were.....cattle remains! No, just kidding. They were displays for Car & Driver magazine and other motorcycle magazines. And I'm not just talking a small pedastal or something, these are like the huge displays you would see at a trade show! Really nice and very expensive. BTW, the only reason we know it's there is because several of the crates were already open. Also in this same room were a hotdog cart and a taco bell cart that were in perfect condition. There was also one other item that only myself and one other guy noticed....a manequin. At first he scared the shit out of us laying there wrapped up in some protective blankets. Then as the rest of the group decided to "go on ahead" my deviant side came out. I unwrapped the manequin and stood his ass right there in the room we would have to pass back through on our way out. Yeah...i'm a dick like that. So me and this other guy quickly catch back up with the group and continue walking around for a little bit but, when we were on our way back I could hardly contain myself. One guy shined his light on that manequin and about dropped a deuce right there on the floor! I started lauging my ass off! So, eventually we made it back down and found the door they had used to get into the place. We secured the wall leading into our warehouse and then we placed our new manequin buddy next to the door they had broke into. How about that for a nice midnight suprise!

i tried to get some footage on my iPhone but, it turned out more like the Blair witch project. My flashlight was very dim (which made it even creepier) but, sucked for the video. I might post a couple minutes of it just for fun though. Honestly, if I would have heard the sirens from Silent Hill or seen a triangular shaped object i would have shit myself. No joke, that place would make an AWESOME haunted house.


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That is SO COOL!
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